Science Fiction Politics Are Here

Where: Oil vs Integrity = Science Fiction Politicsand EVIL is GOOD and GOOD is EVIL
you will know that we NOW live in the
Political Twilight Zone of

The new Egyptian President explains in an interview that the U.S.A should be boycotted, that all of Palestine is for the “Palestinians,” and that Jews are descendants of Pigs and Apes. Watch the man that was brought in to ‘negotiate’ a cease fire between Israel and Hamas. Watch the man that the U.S.A is backing with money and arms.

“Palestinian” P.M.: ‘We Will Never Recognize Israel’

"Palestinian" Emblems depicting "Palestine" in place of Israel - Not beside it.Palestinian P.M Ismail Haniyeh: “All the land between the Jordan River and Mediteranean Sea we will liberate!” 

Arab-Israeli M.P. Bashara admits Palestine nation an inventionArab-Israeli member of parliament, Azmi Bashara, states on national t.v. “There is no such thing as a Palestinian nation   . . .  when were there ever Palestinians? . . . Palestine was a colonial (British) invention . . ..  This is a 46 second flick of that talk-show. FYI, in 2oo6 Azmi Bashara fled from his chair in the Knesset after being caught spying for Hezbollah.


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