Whilst Israeli Jews Saunter Blissfully Into the Night

There is a silent war being fought. At least it was silent until the last few years, when Israeli-Arabs patiently paced themselves in their endeavour. The silence then changed to a murmur and has recently become a voice well heard. It is the voice of Jews, in and out of Israel pushing the agenda of Israeli-Arabs. The ranks are filling more and more with Jewish educators, especially in universities, that are questioning the right of Israel to exist as a Jewish country. There are Jewish Israeli university faculty members teaching that the re-birth of Israel in 1948 was a crime. I should not be surprised, however, as even back in the year 2000 I had already written that “the well oiled multi-billion dollar Arab propaganda machine is so efficient that even Jews have begun to question their beliefs and their right to have their own country.” Behold. Political Science Fiction

Without  exception, whether in biblical times or modern times,  Jews have always been at the height of their affluence and the height of intoxication at being allowed to hobnob amongst non-Jews. But defeat was never with the sudden blow of an ax. It was always the result of a very clear and methodical publicized campaign – a plan for all to see – destroy the Jews. We Jews always choose not to see it. What an interesting phenomenon.

The plan had been to go kayaking in Akko this morning, but as I was drinking my thick Turkish coffee, my eye caught an article in this weekend’s paper. The national anthem of Israel had been removed from the graduation ceremony of the Haifa Law Faculty. I felt remorse at not feeling surprised. It is yet but one more victory in the ever-quickening pace of self-delegitimization of Israel as a Jewish country. So, I did not go kayaking as I again felt an urgency to address this situation.

Where: Oil vs Integrity = Science Fiction Politics

Where: Oil vs Integrity = Science Fiction Politics

I began getting a clear picture of reality when I had a successful business teaching English in Arab villages throughout the Galilee. I personally taught over a thousand Arab children while teachers I employed taught hundreds more. I enjoyed the work and the fact that I was able to make a real change in the Israeli-Arab sector, where English and math have always been very problematic in an extraordinary way. I was happy to be able to make a difference for my fellow Israeli citizens and to develop strong personal relationships in the Israeli-Arab community. Being among the first Peace Now followers I viewed Israeli-Arabs just as ‘Israeli’ as I viewed the Jews and was happy to take an active role in contributing to their quality of life.

Then, one day, when passing through Haifa everything changed for me. Driving by a large group of protesters chanting “through spirit and blood we will free Palestine “I recognized one of the participants. Although it had been 10 years since teaching her in her home, I recognized her immediately. Holding up a sign written in English. My English. The English that I had taught her. I was first alarmed and then stunned as I realized she was using what I had taught her against the country and that my teaching her English had contributed to her abilities to fight on the side of Israel’s enemies. I realized that just as she was using her high level English, her fellow Israeli-Arab students in the crowd were each using their individual ‘Israeli-schooled-educational-skills’ against Israel (the country that had nourished them since birth and given them a quality of life unique compared to Palestinians in any of the surrounding Arab countries) -law students pushing the ‘freedom of speech’ laws of democracy to the point of absurdity, as well as students of journalism and other fields. My mind boggled as I drove through a red light in a daze.

It was then that I began to realize that in the new era of war by means of information, I had contributed largely to those who see Jewish Israel as a passing phenomenon and are beginning to directly help us, the Jews, on our way into the night. It was later in that year of 2000 that Israeli-Arabs openly and violently fought against Jews in Israel in what is known as the second Intifada.

With the emergence of this aggression and what transpired later that day I was hit square in the face with many of the paradoxes of Israeli democracy. When Arabs from the neighbouring villages began pelting vehicles with stones and firebombs and besieging small Jewish communities, I went directly to the transportation department of my children’s’ school. The problem I addressed was the fact that most of the school bus drivers were Arabs from these villages. To be clear – my community and others were being issued rifles by the authorities to protect ourselves from potential onslaughts from these villages. When I presented my fears to those in charge of bussing our children, the answer I got was quite chilling. It was something like, “we can’t not employ Arabs simply because they are Arabs, we would get sued and lose”. I left that office feeling helpless in the knowledge that my children are at the total mercy of the frame of mind of their Arab bus drivers and knew that at that very moment their family relatives were violently attacking traffic and Jews throughout the region.

When a soccer team in the Israeli National league refuses to stand for a moment’s silence in honour of Israeli victims of violence, and when the head of a medical department in a major Israeli hospital who happens to be an Israeli-Arab tells a Jewish member of his staff that “it is just a question of time” (in reference to elimination of Jewish dominance in Israel), and young Israeli-Arabs openly wear necklaces depicting a map of Israel (within the pre- ’67 borders) labelled “Palestine,” and an Israeli Member of Parliament (Haneen Zoabi) openly calls for Israeli-Arabs to attack Jews, and Israeli-Arabs cheer-on Syrian protesters storming over the border (May 15th 2011), and Jewish Israeli ‘New Historians’ are re-writing history which is being taught in universities in Israel and worldwide, and Israeli-Arab youth are learning weaponry and joining the IDF, and Jews in Israel can’t understand what’s written on food labels written only in Arabic by leading Israeli food producers – is it any wonder that the Israeli National Anthem is boycotted by official Israeli institutions? Is it any wonder that the flying of the Israeli flag at public schools in Israel is considered a provocation?

The above leads me to only two questions.

1) What am I going to wear tonight to the big party (that anyone who is anyone is going to)?

2) How did my shares in Nasdaq do last Friday?

This would be true if, in fact, I were an average resident dwelling in the bubble of Greater Tel Aviv and its satellite cities, where the core of political influence, decision makers, and a vast quantity of social-morons-seeking-acceptance-into-high society tend their personal agendas, oblivious to the fast-paced unravelling of the very fabric that holds the roof above their heads.

I, however, live in Galilee and watch with great frustration as local and international influences are swiftly changing both Israeli reality and Jewish reality in other countries (a recently proposed law in Holland to ban Jewish ritual slaughter, while on the opposite side of the globe in the U.S.A a proposal to ban circumcision has been suggested – 2 basic and essential elements to the survival of Judaism).

Once there was a wooden boat. It sprang quite a leak. All of the occupants began arguing how it should be fixed, and there were those that were already ahead of the game discussing what colour to paint the hull afterward. Meantime, the boat sunk. That would at least be an honourable way to go out. Our reality, however, is that while some have noticed the hole and others have not, everyone is discussing what they will have for dinner.

Perhaps that is why I paddle a kayak – I need only depend on myself.


5 responses to “Whilst Israeli Jews Saunter Blissfully Into the Night

  1. 14 “‘But if you will not listen to me and carry out all these commands, 15 and if you reject my decrees and abhor my laws and fail to carry out all my commands and so violate my covenant, 16 then I will do this to you: I will bring on you sudden terror, wasting diseases and fever that will destroy your sight and sap your strength. You will plant seed in vain, because your enemies will eat it. 17 I will set my face against you so that you will be defeated by your enemies; those who hate you will rule over you, and you will flee even when no one is pursuing you.

  2. I’m so tired of being targeted for racist attacks, particularly by Muslims. Why are people so cruel to the Jews? I don’t get it.

  3. Thank you for the timely and thoughtful article. I knew things were bad but I didn’t realize the extent of the damage to the Jewish State of Israel. Other than writing articles and trying to teach Israel’s true history to commenters of other people’s articles, I really don’t know what I can do to make a difference. It is both frightening and frustrating.

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